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    Bulk Purchases and Corporate Customers

    Whether you are a reseller or corporate customer, buying in bulk saves money, time and frustration.

    Bulk purchases allow us to offer better unit prices, and in most instances, include delivery.  We generaly consider orders with a value in excess of R7,500 as a bulk purchase.  Prices will be calculated according to the quantity and value of the order at that time.  It is therefore important that you list the items and quantity you require when requesting a quote from us .

    Corporate customers should seriously consider the benefits of buying in bulk.  Apart from the cost saving, it is always beneficial to have a few extra units on the storeroom shelf for when the copier or printer toner suddenly runs out.  Remember that the shelf life of these items are usually in excess of a year.

    Credit terms may be made available upon request to resellers and corporate customers with whom we have a trading history.  These

    terms are subject to the completion of a credit application and successful credit worthiness check.  Email us for further information.


    Only genuine OEM products - don't take a chance; get what you know and know what you get 


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