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    We specialise in the supply of office equipment, stationery and consumables from the leading brands.

    Printer Consumables

    Our main line is printer ink, toner and ribbon cartridges.  EL Dynamics is able to advise you about the options available for your specific printer and of course offer the product at the best price.  All of our printer consumables are the genuine OEM product as we believe they offer the best results and unmatched reliability.

    Storage Media

    This category includes everyday items such as CD/DVD/BluRay discs, USB flash drives and memory cards.  Our prefered brand is Verbatim - worldwide leader in optical storage.  EL Dynamics is also able to offer flash drives and memory cards from brands such as Apacer, Kingston and Transcend.  All of our brands are chosen based on their high quality and no nonsense warranty.

    Stationery Supplies

    EL Dynamics only offers BULK stationery supplies.  This way we can keep our prices extremely competitive.  This line is geared more toward the corporate customer and Government departments who have a stationery cupboard or store room available.  As with our other lines, we prefer to offer brands that are proven to be reliable and are of a high quality.  We have also found that there is a potential saving by using a better brand product.  For example, most better brand pens have the option of a refill rather than buying a whole new pen.

    Office Equipment

    This line has almost endless products.  It includes items such as whiteboards, noticeboards, in/out boards flipchart stands, binding/laminating/shredding machines and consumables, data/overhead projectors and screens, interactive whiteboards, coat stands, letter trays, water coolers and the list goes on.  We source our products from brands such as Parrot and Rexel/GBC and Fellowes but we are able to source from others as needed.  A proven track record and no-nonsense warranty is what can be expected from these products.

    Computer and Printer Hardware

    Factory assembled and warranteed hardware is what we offer in this line.  Brands include HP, Acer, Lenovo, Canon, Brother and Samsung.  The true value of a product is not just in how much it costs but also comes from how well it is suited to your needs.  It is very important to us that we supply a product that does what you need it to without breaking the budget.  Our advice always includes an eye on the future because every business wants to grow and your IT hardware should grow with you, not be replaced every six months.  All of the hardware we offer have rock solid warranties and, wherever available, we include the extended onsite warranty from the manufacturer.

    Asset management, badges and labels

    The current trend in corporate and Government auditing policy is the stricter control of assets.  This is commonly achieved through the use of asset tags and other identification labels.  EL Dynamics has extensive experience is the supply of barcoded aluminium and polyprop asset tags.  Almost any size and thickness can be manufactered with mono or full colour logos embedded into the material.  An acetone activated adhesive is also used which bonds permanently to almost any material.  We follow a tried and tested process from the proofing stage through to secure delivery which results in the client getting exactly what they require.  Other labels and name badges are offered which can be made for any application and also meet our strict quality standards.

    Please contact us for further information regarding any of the above items and we will gladly let you have acces to samples or product guides where available.  You can also request a quote if you know what it is you require.


    Only genuine OEM products - don't take a chance; get what you know and know what you get  


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